Accounting services Cambodia, the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of changes are included in the financial statements in accordance with Cambodian accounting standards.

Cambodia Accountant, in order to provide accounting and auditing services in Cambodia, companies and individuals need to apply for a license from the ACAR and register with the KICPAA.

Accounting and Auditing Law: In the Kingdom of Cambodia, the accounting and auditing professions will be governed by valid accounting vouchers, the foundation of any accounting transaction.

Procedures for Accounting and Auditing in Cambodia  are essential components of Cambodia's banking and economic industries. International Financial Reporting has been adopted by the country.

Cambodia accounting standard all ISA have been adopted as Cambodian Standards on Audit and Assurance (CSAA) by the Cambodian Audit and Assurance Standards Board.

Cambodia international financial reporting standards, The accounting standards are known as IPSAS or Cambodian Public Sector Accounting Standards.