Business registration certificate: to obtain a business registration certificate in Cambodia, you will need to follow the guidelines set by the Ministry of Commerce.

Cambodia Business Name Reservation: (1) Start by choosing a unique and appropriate name for your business. (2) Submit a name reservation application to the Ministry of Commerce.

Prepare the required documents for Cambodia: (1) Application form for business registration (2) Memorandum and Articles of Association (3) Passport or ID of the business owner(s)

Submit online application: (1) Submit the completed application and required documents to the Ministry of Commerce.

Cambodia Inspection and Approval: (1) The Ministry of Commerce may conduct an inspection of the proposed business premises.

Tax Registration in Cambodia: Register your business with the General Department of Taxation to obtain a tax identification number (TIN).

Business Bank Account in Cambodia: With the business registration certificate and TIN, you can open a business bank account.