how much does it cost to set up a business in cambodia? In Cambodia, the cost of registering a business is between $2100 and $3500, and various documents, including a business license, are provided.

How to Search Company Registry?  Companies that are registered in Cambodia can be found online by visiting the Ministry of Commerce's website.

Business registration search, Please enter a file name or a valid filing ID, then click "Search". Click the outcome to view additional details.

Ministry of commerce cambodia company search ,Most searches on the internet can be done for free by anybody, regardless of whether they have registered.

Cambodia Business Search Role: An asterisk appears in each field that is required. 1) Role search; 2) Name; 3) Register selection; 4) Any register; 5) Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships.

Cambodia Company Registry Search contains details on companies that are listed with the Cambodia Companies Registry, such as filing history, registration status, and corporate information.