MOC registration is the government ministry responsible for managing and developing trade and business in Cambodia.

Ministry of Commerce (MoC) was signed into law, and the Royal Government of Cambodia created a sub-decree that sets down the guidelines for its organization and functioning.

Business registration procedure: A number of ministries may be involved in the registration process. In general, the General Department of Taxation (GDT) and the Ministry of Commerce (MoC)

Easy Steps to Register a Business in Cambodia: (1) Determine your business structure. (2) Prepare the Articles of Incorporation. (3) Register your company with the government.

Get Online Business Registration: (1) Sole proprietorship (2) Partnership (3) Limited liability company (4)Representative office (5) Foreign Branch Office

Post-registration business: (1) collection company seals, (2)Tax registration, (3) Open a corporate bank account and (4) registration with the National Social Security Fund.