Register company online Known as "online business registration," the new unified business registration process is conducted fully online using an IT platform.

Online Business Registration MOC:  Starting a business is a fairly easy process in Cambodia. To run a legal business, you must first register with MoC Business Registration.

Online Business Registration: It is now possible to register your company simultaneously with GDT, MLVT, and MoC. The platform for IT business registration is also known as the Single Portal.

CamDX System Cambodia:   The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) Online Registration Services' Cambodia Data Exchange (CamDX) system must be used to register the firm.

E-registration services Cambodia are more rapid and efficient than before! Utilizing the advantages of the online company registration method only requires a few clicks.

Cambodia Online Registration, register for a CamDigiKey account. If you already have an account,then just go ahead and log in. Complete the necessary fields and attach the necessary files.