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ARE YOU LOOKING FOR TAX PREPARATION SERVICES IN CAMBODIA ? The only remaining tax regime in Cambodia is the Real Regime & Tax System Accounting is a must as accounting for business transactions is never the same anymore especially for registered companies and businesses & Tax Cambodia  Phnom Penh Cambodia.


Obligations of Taxpayers
Register with the tax administration
– File tax returns and provide information as required by the tax provisions
– Pay taxes by the due date
– Keep and maintain books of account, legal documents, and other documents and present them to the tax administration
– Present to the tax administration according to the date specified in the letter of notification of the tax administration
– Pay taxes, additional taxes, and interest as determined by the tax administration by the date as stated in the tax provisions or as notified in writing by the tax administration
– Be truthful in fulfilling tax obligations
– Be cooperative with the tax administration in order to meet tax obligations
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Rights of Taxpayers
– Have information provided to the tax administration treated as confidential
– Be offered professional service and assistance to help understand tax system and procedures and fulfill tax obligations
– Obtain explanation of the decisions made by the tax administration about tax affairs
– Make a complaint about decisions made by the tax administration
– Pay no more tax than what is required by tax provisions
– Have the authorized representative of their choice accepted in offering advice about tax affairs
– Be treated fairly and reasonably by the tax administration
– Be treated as being honest in fulfilling tax obligations
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