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What is the Trademark in Cambodia?

A trademark may be a distinctive sign goods or services as those produced. Provided by a selected person or enterprise in Cambodia. The prerogative to a mark as conferred by this Law shall be acquired by registration in accordance with the provisions thereof.

Benefit of Registered Trademark in CambodiaIf you don’t register your trade mark then somebody else can This immediately puts your business and any product or service development you’re undertaking in a registered trademark protects your own brand and provides you with using similar signs and riding off the rear of your business in Cambodia If you are doing not protect your trademark by registering it then you’ll find you’re legally prevented from expanding your business together with your brand registered you’re within your rights to require actions against parties who have attempted to register Own Brand trademarks or are operating with conflicting brands and damaging your business in Phnom Penh Cambodia.

As your product or service becomes successful the trademark itself starts to develop an intrinsic value Business investors will assess whether you’ve got taken the acceptable legal trademark protection to secure your brandThere are effectively trademark registered companies in cambodia three reasons why it’s important to register a trademark Avoiding Unwelcome ChangeChanging the name of a corporation are often a difficult and dear task Having successfully created an honest reputation for your business it can take significant marketing pounds to rebuild a renamed brand When a logo symbol or name is unregistered there’s always the danger that another business may register it and cause significant difficulties perhaps by attempting to stop your business from operating or expanding under its current identity Building value.

Own Brand a business has trademarked its name key products or services.

Trademark registration increases of the business positively impacting its perceived value ProtectionIt is important.



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